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Graphic Design is a key for visual communication and is present everywhere around us in the form of print media and digital media. The basic graphic design elements are photographs, illustrations, colours, typography and icons.

Graphic Design is the oldest form of art used since 1000's of years ago as cave paintings, idols, etc., In this digital era, Graphic Design is used in websites, mobile apps, online adverts, E-newspapers, ebooks.

Learning Graphic Design improves ability to think creatively and find remedies to visual coding challenges .

timelapseDuration1 Hour per class
contact_pageAgeAbove 8 Years
schoolskillsGraphic Design Concepts

Course curriculum

Kids will learn the fundamentals of Graphic Design covering the basics like Color, Typography, Layouts, Shapes, Texture. multimedia, hyperlinks. Kids will learn to make Presentations, Posters, Social Media Banners.

During the course kids will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Design basics: Colour, Typography.
  • Design Principles: Alignment, Symmetry, Spacing.
  • Design Elements: Shapes, Layout, Texture, Shadow.
  • Deliverables: Presentations, Posters, Social Media Banners.
What gives your child a Head Start?
  • fiber_manual_recordExplore and learn various concepts in Graphic Design.
  • fiber_manual_recordLearn latest technologies and skills (creative thinking, problem solving and computational thinking).
  • fiber_manual_recordCreate fun projects and tackle challenges with assistive teaching methodologies.

Kids Projects

Graphic Design project - colour
Graphic Design project - presentation
Graphic Design project - poster

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