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Scratch is a programming language developed for kids by MIT. Using code "blocks" instead of text based code, kids learn the logic of coding using fun projects, building a strong basis for future learning. Scratch has colourful animation which helps to understand coding concepts easily, opening a way to the wonderful world of code.

our Scratch programming basics invites kids to create games, videos and stories with no previous knowledge of coding. Kids will create fun games easily by dragging and dropping the built-in code blocks which helps them to design the logics and structure of programming.

kids develop their foundation in coding through mathematical concepts like coordinates, variables, functions and algorithms. Learning to code develops computation and innovative thinking. Various levels of difficulty in coding seeds problem - solving skills and creates resilience to bounce back on every failure.

timelapseDuration1 Hour per class
contact_pageAgeAbove 8 Years
schoolskillsGaming and Programming Concepts

Course curriculum

Kids will be introduced to the learning environment laying the strong foundation of coding apps and games for smartphones.

Starting with one button App and moving on to multiple screen Apps kids will develop and design a number of Apps that will be installed on their devices.

During the course kids will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Variables and Blocks: Variables to store data and reusing blocks of code.
  • Layers and clone: Placing and duplicating charaters in multiple layers.
  • Parallelization Instructing characters to process mulitple data simultaneously.
What gives your child a Head Start?
  • fiber_manual_recordExplore and learn various concepts such as Functions, statements and variables.
  • fiber_manual_recordLearn latest technologies and skills (creative thinking, problem solving and computational thinking).
  • fiber_manual_recordCreate fun projects and tackle challenges with assistive teaching methodologies.

Kids Projects

Decision Making
scratch programming advanced - decision making
scratch programming advanced - conversation
scratch programming advanced - loops

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