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Throughout this course, kids will learn the underlying structure of the web with HTML5 (Markup Language) and CSS3 (Presentation Language). Kids will learn how to mark content formatting with HTML tags and describe each of these kinds of content so the web browser can show them correctly. Kids can make colourful and elegant websites with multimedia elements such as image, video and audio.

our web design basics course invites kids to learn CSS and understand how styling beautifies website. Kids will learn CSS to position HTML elements and play with different layouts. Kids learn this visually appealing technology with a lot of fun sample projects forming the solid foundation to modern web designing.

timelapseDuration1 Hour per class
contact_pageAgeAbove 8 Years
schoolskillsWeb Design Concepts

Course curriculum

Kids will learn the fundamentals of HTML5 covering the basics like Elements, Tags, attributes, multimedia, hyperlinks.

CSS3 covers CSS selectors, colour setting, text formatting, CSS box model and creating basic layouts.

During the course kids will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Basic design: inserting video, audio and image.
  • Html Layouts: Table, Forms.
  • styling basics: CSS Selectors, colors, text formatting.
  • Alignment & Positioning: Box Model.
What gives your child a Head Start?
  • fiber_manual_recordExplore and learn various concepts in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • fiber_manual_recordLearn latest technologies and skills (creative thinking, problem solving and computational thinking).
  • fiber_manual_recordCreate fun projects and tackle challenges with assistive teaching methodologies.

Kids Projects

web design basic - table
web design basic - forms
Text styling
web design basic - text styling

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