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In this Web development Basic course, kids will learn JavaScript, an easy programming language that makes the website dynamic and interactive. After they hold a grip on web design, kids love to create dynamic element of website step by step using javascript.

In this course, kids will begin to learn the fundamental components of javascript language. Our course covers variables, arrays, loops, events and functions, as well as the generation of random numbers. Understanding the DOM concepts and manipulation following the core basics will helps the kids to change and play the website content by javascript.

Kids will learn the challenging topics stretches the mind of kids and boost their creative to do unique projects. Practising javascript improves kid's logical thinking and problem solving skill.

timelapseDuration1 Hour per class
contact_pageAgeAbove 8 Years
schoolskillsWeb Development Concepts

Course curriculum

Kids will learn the basic fundamentals of Javascript covering variables, Loops & Conditions, Math Operations.

This course covers DOM Node selectors, Branching statements, Events, Listeners, form submission.

During the course kids will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Programming basics: JS statements & variables.
  • Math & loops, Decision Making: Arithmetic & Logical calculations, IF/Else, for, while.
  • DOM Basic: Accessing Html Elements using DOM API.
  • Events: Form Submit, Cancel, Click.
What gives your child a Head Start?
  • fiber_manual_recordExplore and learn various concepts in Javascript.
  • fiber_manual_recordLearn latest technologies and skills (creative thinking, problem solving and computational thinking).
  • fiber_manual_recordCreate fun projects and tackle challenges with assistive teaching methodologies.

Kids Projects

web development basic - forms
Math Tables
web development basic - math tables
Tic Tac Toe
web development basic - tic tac toe

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